Thursday, January 7, 2016

Album Review: Bo Bun Fever- Bangkok Luxor EP

Bo Bun Fever
Bangkok Luxor EP
** out of *****
This incredibly weird and diverse offering comes from Bo Bun Fever a trio that dabble in all sorts of sounds and styles on this brief EP put out on the French label TriCollectif.

Quentin "Kevin" Biardeau - saxophone, synth, vocal,  Leo "Scott" Jassef - keyboard, synth, vocal and Theo "Wallace" Lanau - drums, vocal are the players with their respective instruments and responsibilities, but describing their sound is a bit tougher.

There is a kaleidoscope feel to things as the players twist and turn on a dime in the fun house sounding opener "Sawan Bangkok". The song would be at home on an early Ween or Fantomas album maybe perhaps background during some Doctor Demento segments but while wild, it remains engaging. "Susie Wan" calms it down and spaces it out with eastern flutes a leading sax. Bass and organ move it smoothly along, quite a change from the wacky opener until the band puts in its street cat in heat vocal twinges, amping back up the weirdness.   

Closing on almost a jamband note, the trio trip out fairly straight and rocking for "Bong Ja Bong" proving they can move in pretty much any direction and make your ears sit up and take notice. 
More bandcamp related obscure jazz for Jazz Jan. Finding these groups is more then half the fun of this winter highlight for us. Hope you enjoy Bo Bun Fever, check out their bandcamp or stream below:

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