Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Album Review: Tensei- The Hot Box Sessions Volume #1

The Hot Box Sessions Volume #1
** out of *****
Sometimes the environment in which you write/create music in has an overwhelming effect on the production. This was the case for the Chicago based collective Tensei who used an older studio to literally sweat out these tracks offered here as The Hot Box Sessions Volume #1.

"Impossibility" opens things and swings between a new school electro dance beat and a early 80's disco infused pop track. The swirling background/foreground gives it a late night club fee while the "Too Familiar" Remix continues to blend genres with light keys moving between shuffling beats and electro fills/chimes for extended workout.

Tensei are Simple X and Midas Wells and this short EP collects tracks they were working on in studio from 2009-2010.

"Slowburn" kicks up the bass a bit and begins the climb up the sonic mountain with delicate chords and running workouts. The best track here it is a shame it cuts off at the moment when you want it to soar even higher. The closer "Grant City" plays dream like with its ethereal haunting but also ends abruptly. Piano and electro claps are the focal points not only on "Grant City", but the album as a whole and they keep the EP from floating out into the gloaming.
Yet another Jazzy Jan find on bandcamp. We love this month for all of these. Go buy the disk or stream it:

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