Thursday, January 28, 2016

Album Review: Culver Polley- Moon Lady EP

Culver Polley
Moon Lady EP
** out of *****
As we look to bring Jazz Jan to a close we will be skewing a bit more rock over the last few days and there we find Culver Polley, a guitarist from Washington and his Moon Lady Ep.

The three songs presented here definitely have a hard rock edge to them, but the instrumentals also fall into experimental and jazz territories. Without the high quality, but in the same vein of Buckethead's huge catalog of self releases.

Guitars and keyboards dominate and on tracks like "Perfect Children" the interlocking combo of both work very nicely. This song has multiple layers, feels and journeys as Polley, builds and recedes with ease combining digital elements easily if ending a bit abruptly. The opener and title track "Moon Lady" falls into the same category, with a dexterous interplay of engaging digital sounds and strong guitar.  

"Time For Us" ends things and contains Polley's only vocal effort and it is solid as he puts in home/time based lyric that is comforting while the music can hint at something darker.
Yet another fun bandcamp find, Jazz Jan is always great for these kind of explorations into the site. Grab the album or stream it below.

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