Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Album Review: Tunguska Sound Ghost Breaks

Tunguska Sound
Ghost Breaks
*** out of *****
There isn't much online regarding Tunguska Sound, a jazz outfit from Germany but background doesn't matter that much when you are putting out instrumental music this tasty.

Whether the piano led sway of "Astromentalized" or the deep bass of "Kung-Fung-Foo" is ringing prominent all of the quick offerings bring something intriguing to the table. The tribal drumming of "Spooky Train" is matched by toots and breaks to scoot along. "Cyclops Cops" plays as a stripped down Medeski Martin and Wood track before "Castle of The Unknown" gets quirky with eletcro bleeps.

"Fantasmogazm" (besides having a dope title) puts it all to work ending up with a futuristic Latin flavor some of which also drips off onto "Shaker Bottoms" while "Voodoo Woman" stays away from the swamps of its name and plays as the most straight up jazz offering here. "Hotel Psycho" begins things on a high note with its funkified breaks that are groovy as hell and its counterpoint "Pata-Tones" ends the offering with a quick sunshiny late 70's styled jam.  

The skittering "Shitty Shitty Bang Bang" is too herky jerky for its own good getting clipped at points while some of the offerings like "Xenomorphs Invasion" and "Spiders Removal Squad"seem to be one note ideas that don't do much of anything, but the presentation of short tracks means even the weaker ones are gone before they clunk too loudly. The longest song is "Cyborgs Mission Control" at 3:44 and it's organ sets the tone with squiggly guitars, clean keys and hi hats nibbling around the edges excellently.

Whether used as accents/foundations to hip hop tracks in the future or digested simply by themselves Ghost Breaks is a very cool exploration of funky sounds, blending organic and electric with ease squirming into your ear while making you shake your hips. Get down with the Tunguska Sound.
We had to get some straight up rock out of our system with yesterdays review but now the months focus is on full force and begins with a winner. A very cool bandcamp find for Jazz Jan. Check it out for streaming and purchase:

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