Monday, February 26, 2018

Dylan Cover #314 Joan Osborne "All Along The Watchtower" Live

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Joan Osborn performing "All Along The Watchtower" 

This month RtBE will focus on Joan Osborn who released a cover album of Dylan songs last year. We will showcase some from that album but also a few live renditions that Joan performed as she has been singing Dylan tunes for years in various projects. 

Thoughts on Original:
From our first take on a cover of this:
There are certain songs we are surprised we missed cover versions of in the Bard's back catalog...but "All Along The Watchtower" isn't one of them.  There is a reason we haven't covered a cover version (confusing). As Wilson mentioned in his post back in cover #44 there is only one true version of this song...and that is Mr. Jimi's.

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Joan Osborne has always been a cool artist on the fringe. When we first moved to NYC she was riding as high as she ever would be (on public popularity at least) with Relish. Her hit "One of Us" was massive and she was everywhere at the time. Then RtBE got to see her perform often with version of The Dead and Phil and Friends over the early/mid 2000's. A singer with soul, twang and power, she can do it all and seems happy to still be performing.

Thoughts on Cover:
Joan joins up with Phil and Friends for this cover version of the Dylan tune that Jimi made his own. She is powerful, fronting the fellas (including great guitarists Trey Anastasio and Larry Campbell) and belting out the tune with a passion and desire that frankly wasn't found on her recent studio release. It is curious as to why Osborn decided against a live album of covers as she clearly shines in that forum. Any which way it was a fun month focusing on Joan Osborn's Dylan covers.

For more insight into Joan Osborn's choice to cover Dylan was explained in-depth during this interview:

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