Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Multi-Arts Venue The Shed Opening on The Highline in 2019

Our friends over at Brooklyn Vegan have rounded up a ton of info previewing the new performing arts space called The Shed which is being built on the far west side of Manhattan and is scheduled to open in 2019.
So you may ask why are we dedicating time to this, well it just happens to be one stinking block away from RtBE's base of operations. If this venue turns into something special, as it looks like it could, we would have the shortest commute imaginable to shows.

Indoor Outdoor Hell's Yeah
While we are still a ways away, we are hopeful that this venue is going to transform our neighborhood yet again, this time in a cultural and artistic way that enriches all. There is also going to be a pre-shed set of shows this May in the neighborhood for those interested.

Below are some videos previewing the venue and showing on going construction (which we hear all the time).

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