Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Album Review: The Dwarves - Take Back The Night

The Dwarves
Take Back The Night
*** out of *****

For their lucky thirteenth studio album the self proclaimed "best band ever" The Dwarves try to Take Back The Night with their speedy brand of rockin' roll. The irreverent group has been doing this so long they can bang these tracks out in their sleep but with the current state of affairs in this country the group has some juicy targets to attack this go around.

Seventeen songs of spitfire pop punk that rarely lasts longer than a minute or two, the players slam ahead with a full head of steam. The title track is a sing along rage, while the drums bang in hardcore fashion with "It's You I Don't Believe" which is directed towards politicians while "Here's Looking At You Kid" takes the role of peeping pedophilia; just par for the course from this group.

If you aren't laughing at that one, then don't even give The Dwarves a second look, you won't be able to stand the shit they toss at their neighbors in San Francisco during "City By The Bay" and the sexual standards discussed in "Anything That Moves".  The ripping "Devil's Level" and "Everything and Moore" are brief blasts of demonic slamming covered in "blood and cum".

The group broadens its sounds and style a bit with the dance ready "You Turn Me On" but finding a dance club to dance to it in would be trip while "Safe Space" mixes noise rock with samples and off beat screeches to mix things up. Don't fear, tracks like "Down and Dirty" and "Nowhere Fast" find the band back in the bands glam punk sound while the closing duet "The Giver" is a rollicking battle of the sexes.

One of the best tracks from the band is "Julio" which manages to channel Lou Reed, name check Frank Zappa's album and wrap it all up with surf rock style and Mexican flair. "Trace Amounts" also goes more of a pop rock route with a tune about a women who OD's and takes a sad yet not celebratory or judgmental approach; a sobering stance from this group of partying jokers 

While not as instantly enjoyable as the bands last release, 2014's The Dwarves Invented Rock and Roll,  the group still manages to deliver what they have become known for. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this release is four *GASP* clean versions of songs presented here. The group has always been shock based and longtime fans will be satisfied with those surprises on Take Back The Night.
Support the band, buy the album and peep some video below:

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