Monday, January 22, 2024

New Single from The Miserable Rich "Probably Will"

The UK based outfit The Miserable Rich release their newest single "Probably Will".

Vocalist James de Malplaquet explains how this single almost never came to be:

“This was the last song written for the main album and nearly didn’t make it… the band agreed to ‘squeeze it in’ at the end of the day’s studio recording if we had time. I’ll admit that making a song about Murphy’s Law and giving it this title was a bit playful and I did quite like taking it to the band for that reason. Will has had quite a few accidents in his time, including losing his passport at the airport bar on the first day of a you. That sense of fun led me to putting the joke in the middle section, something I first thought about while listening to a Japanese Breakfast song. I realised on second listen, she hadn’t said what I thought she had - so I did. Sort of…. Overall – though it was almost an afterthought – I think the song fits very closely to the paradoxical and contranymic essence of the album.”

Check out the song:

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