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2024 New Orleans Jazzfest Artist Predictions

The lineup for the 2024 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will be announced tomorrow but RtBE got the early scoop...

Actually, no we don't...but since it is fun to predict, lets look into the crystal ball and guess who will be and who should be playing.

We will exclude the brass bands and local acts (even though they are THE main reason we go each year) including nationally touring NOLA acts like Irma ThomasKermit RuffinsFunky Big SamGalacticTrombone Shorty, Big Freedia who will all be there.

Also we are obviously skipping the great jazz, blues and gospel acts who will be the foundation of the festival in their respective tents. Honestly, they are what makes this festival special and a major reason people like RtBE make an annual journey down. 

Lets just talk about the bigger national touring artists for now....We will focus more on locals closer to the show. 

To get in the southern festive NOLA mood, here is a great video done by Jeronimo Acero that my friend the fantastic Lu Brow sent north to warm me up during the winter.
Now on to the predictions....

The Rolling Stones are already announced and tickets are sold for their Thursday second weekend show, so it can't get bigger right? 

What about....

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band:

Springsteen and E Street have open tour dates during the first weekend and having The Boss one weekend and The Stones the second doesn't get much bigger.
Foo Fighters

Back on the road and the tour starts May1st, leaving the first weekend as a real possibility.


Back to their original name with Jakob Nowell, Bradley's son singing, they could be in for a HUGE touring year, and JF makes sense.

Green Day

Not sure JF is their speed, but with their new album out it may happen...also would the Chili Peppers play yet again? Hope not, so a big rock act usually shows up....

Black Keys

New album coming so this could be the answer, a headlining day at JF. 

Jon Batiste 

Seems to be a go to headliner for years to come for his hometown Fest. 


While New Orleans has never been big in their history, they do have time after their Spring debut at The Sphere in April, could easily head down to NOLA for JF either weekend. 

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Isbell has never ben bigger and maybe a headlining date at JF is in the cards this year. 


JF always has at least one big name pop star, maybe this year is Pink? She is touring...

J Cole

JF rarely gets into hip hop, but this is a possibility with his tour dates announced. 

Billy Strings

Strings seems like a perfect Thursday headliner for this festival for years to come. Speaking of artists in the that vein...

Now some bands who always seem to play the festival, and with good reason. They will probably be playing the festival again this year:

 RtBE has caught them a few times already in the Big Easy. Seems decent bet.

Trucks and Tedeschi Band
Because they should headline every Thursday of the second weekend, they are the right band for that job with Widespread Panic not touring as much...speaking of which...

Widespread Panic

Because if they are touring, they are going to play Jazzfest.


The band loves NOLA and it is a quick shot from Austin to the Acura stage
Now a few lower level national touring acts who could/should be gracing the stages:

Robert Randolph & The Family Band

I am not sure this act has ever played Jazzfest, and they would fit in perfectly! 


They would be a great addition to the Acura stage one weekend. 

Kristone "Kingfish" Ingram

Should be a headliner in the Blues Tent this year then moving up and headlining bigger stages each and every year. 

Los Lobos

Caught them last year, and believe they should play every year, just after The Iguana's on the Fais Do Do stage is perfect to these ears. 

Mikaela Davis

Seems a great fit for the fest. Don't believe she has played before. 


It might not lineup with her tour dates but Yola should play the fest soon, she would be perfect. 

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

I don't think these prog rockers have yet to play the festival, while their antics may be better suited for late nights (or Daze Between), they could def throw down an interesting afternoon set.

Joe Russo's Almost Dead

They will probably stick to their late night shows during JF second weekend, but it would be fun to see them on the big stage in sunlight one year. 

Earth Wind and Fire

Legends swinging by for a some old school would be great. 

Mavis Staples
Mavis is always touring, she and her excellent band should drop by.

And now some people who RtBE loves and feel that they should be playing the festival (or late night), but probably won't be...

Lil' Wayne-

Probably not the NOLA festival for him, but hot dam RtBE would love to catch Weezy at the fairgrounds.

Bob Dylan-
One of these years he is going to return to the festival, so why not this year?

Tom Waits-
If we are shooting for the moon....why not Waits??!?!

Who do think is playing? Who do you want to see there? Feel free to comment below and stay tuned for the official announcement tomorrow. 

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