Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bit Different Dead

Since I had an excellent long weekend, getting to see a bunch of old friends, check out a ton of sports and music, and had Monday off, this Tuesday morning is incredibly easy going in my world and the old Grateful Dead 3 hour show isn't really needed to open the eyelids.
(hence the ears ringing, taken from Brooklyn Vegan link below)
Instead with my ears still ringing from the kick ass Dinosaur Jr. Show Saturday night at The Bowery Ballroom that I caught with Jeff and Charelette, I wanted to share something a bit weird:

This week's Grateful Dead pick:
Grateful Dead Live at "Dance Hall"  9-4-1967

This simple 2 song mini selection represents an interesting show for the Dead, as one of the reviewers mentions this show was talked about in Phil Lesh's book Searching for the Sound (which I reviewed for Glide years ago, rightc'Here!)  He mentions that on this night Mickey Hart played with the fellas and was instantly accepted by Jerry, forming the rhythm foundation that would sustain the band (off and on) for decades to come. 

It also is a brief glimpse into the feedback manipulation that they use to do and which I love when bands such as Sonic Youth, Crazy Horse and yes Dino Jr. pull off so rip-roaringly.  Enjoy.

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