Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Funday - Howlin' For this to be made into a full length

The Black Keys album Brothers was my favorite from 2010 and it keeps giving in 2011.  Not just with it's joyous tunes that sound killer on vinyl but with some pretty kick arse videos....If you haven't peeped "Howlin' For You" yet, you need too...this NEEDS to be made into a full length, check it:

Holy 70's Thrill ride Batman, that is pure BOOSH!  Easily the front runner for video of the year...

I love seeing the duo create a mini movie and act poorly as Mariachi serenader's, why don't more bands do this?!?  Then again this is top quality stuff that few can pull off.  For example: 

The Flying Tomato Shaun White getting strangled with a bike chain post-coitus by the leather clad seductress and brutal assassin Tricia Helfer, what is better then that?!?!  How about Sir Todd Bridges

as the ass kicking priest who drops the best line in the mini flick, "I am pretty sure God would consider it a sin not to glorify that ass!" can't be topped right?  Well maybe it that ass in question; the uber-babe and hysterical tweeter Diora Baird
(Follow that broad she is funny and sexy)

Muscle cars, Top Hats, White Stallions, Swords, Guns, Knifed Eyes leading to Eye Patches,  Babes, Corbin F'n Bernsen and LAS TECLAS DE NEGRO.  This shit is bumpin' b, give it a go and support all involved, lets get this piece made into a full length...or I will choke a chupacabra with my bare hands!!!

Enjoy the weekend all.

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