Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glide Review - Alberta Cross Live 4-27-11 NYC

Got a new review up on Glide

Check it out right C'here!

It is of the group Alberta Cross who played a live showcase set at the Hudson Hotel last Wednesday Night.

So for full disclosure, my friend and bandmate Don worked with the group on a new commercial for Ketel One Vodka.  The night was an industry part that showcased the band, the new spots and of course the booze.

One thing that kept coming up was just how into the music all in attendance were (even with the free vodka flowing).  There were many stories and meet up's from the recent SXSW festival and rather then the band acting as a background for the night, the majority of those in attendance were hooked and into everything they did.

Showcasing some southern rock chops and English gloom the band has a good foothold on what they do best.  The new songs are still in flux and could certainly change when the album is released but they seem solid.  One thing I would mention is that all the tracks tend to run on a minute too long, without always going in unique directions; there seems to be a piece of these guys that wants to jam out, but they never crossover to full on exploration. 

Anyhow I am sure I will have more to say when the album comes out for real-io and I had a blast catching them with Don and Kevin.  Until then here are some older tracks:
"ATX"  Set Closer best response of the night.
"Low Man"

"The Theif And The Heartbreaker" Live in Rolling Stone Studios

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