Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glide Review - Jack Oblivian - Rat City

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Got a new review on Glide.

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I have dug Jack Oblivion's style ever since I first loaded up Popular Favorites back in the day.  His rawer sense of blues-punk-rock completed Greg Cartwright's soul touch perfectly, creating one of the best garage/lo-fi/whatever-you-want-to-call-them rock and roll bands that somehow never struck it big-time.

The new disk is the most polished he has put out and really plays like a great summer record that I hope warms up these cold winter months ahead. 

There is a sense of refinement that hasn't always been present when you dig in for some Jack Oblivian fun, I don't necessarily think anyone who closes a disk with a chorus about "Jumping Your Caboose" has grown up, but he has certainly produced a great collection of songs that dare I say sounds a touch more mature.  Tunes like that though keep things light and add an extra set of fun to the album, not to mention a disco pumping guitar line that gets caught in your ear.

"Crime of Love" is a trucking number that sums up the whole style with it's tough groove and swagger and I can't get enough of his cover "Kidnapper".  That is one of the things I love about this whole scene, the crate digging covers that you come across which opens up a whole new world of music to you....a definite plus.

Jack and his band is currently touring over in Europe, so catch them when you can, and def grab the album as it is worth your time.  Some songs for preview purposes below:

"Dark Eyes"

"Crime of Love"

"Caboose Jump"

"Kidnapper" Live from September in Memphis:

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