Thursday, February 18, 2021

Live Streams: Ecstatic Music: Bell Orchestre – A Performance Film

With live music on lock down (like everything else currently in New York City) live streams and old concerts have become essential for live music junkies like RtBE. While this current state of pandemic separation is in order we will highlight various shows/streams/virtual events for your viewing and listening pleasure and you can always check out or weekly Full Show Friday series for concerts from the past. Please support the artists any which way you can. 

Today we highlight: Ecstatic Music: Bell Orchestre – A Performance Film

The Belle Orchestre is debuting a film tonight which you grab tickets for here. The description of the event is as follows:
Bell Orchestre comes together in the beautiful Canadian countryside to make this unique concert film. Bell Orchestre consists of six musical mavericks, including Arcade Fire members Sarah Neufeld and Richard Reed Parry, who, on their critically-acclaimed first two albums, have shifted the boundaries of instrumental music. The group cites such diverse influences as Talk Talk, Lee ‘Scratch’ Parry, and Arvo Pärt, which come together to form a contemporary sound, as if Debussy had composed his fragile impressionism with the knowledge of the ecstatic possibility of a pop concert. This concert is generously underwritten by the Arthur F. & Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation. 2020-21 Kaufman Music Center presentations are online, filmed in safe, socially distanced locations observing health and safety protocols, and streamed to the safety of your home.

To get in the mood for the event, here is some music from the group:

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