Monday, December 12, 2022

Dylan Cover #560 Pete Morton "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window" Live

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a live cover by Pete Morton performing "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?" 

Thoughts on Original:
(From the first time in this series we tackled a cover of this song)
A rambling transitional tune from Dylan as he moved from folk to his rock phase backed by The Hawks, pushing that wild thin mercury sound which Dylan was just starting to dabble in. Perhaps because of it's rarity, not appearing on any official album, it is always a joy to listen to when it pops up, but there are better tracks in this vein such as the unfinished "She's Your Lover Now", but that is a whole separate post....


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
This is the first time we are hearing Pete Morton. 

Thoughts on Cover:
Like a cover a few weeks back, Morton takes a rollicking electric original and strips it down to acoustic strums and it works well. I am not sure about the hat, but I am sure about Morton's gusto, a fun cover of an underappreciated jam. 

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