Monday, December 5, 2022

New Single/Video from Addie Brik "Retromingent"

Addie Brik has released a new video for her song "Retromingent"

It is from her album That Dog Don't Hunt. Regarding the lyrical themes of this song, Brik says:
“Whatever people do or do not do to you along the way, if you can’t let go of that you’ll never get to where you should be going. So, there is Logos, the truth, not my personal take, or some lobbyist take on truth and I have a responsibility to think correctly and hold myself to higher standards, my future, heaven or hell, depends on it. People do what they do and will get their comeuppance. There’s a natural working order here that fulfils itself.”
You can check out the video below and support the artist.

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