Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Video/Song from Sour Widows "Cherish"

The Bay Area based Sour Widows share a new video/single "Cherish".

Regarding the song Maia Sinaiko states 
"'Cherish’ is a plea for love disguised as a curse against the world, I started struggling with my mental health in my late teens, and the loss of my partner at age 21 - as well as the tumult of our relationship - exacerbated those issues. I was a very angry person, and I went through several years of being emotionally volatile. Both wanting to connect and be seen while being enraged at the state of my life, I would lash out just to make contact with someone, even if that contact was hurtful. To cherish something is to love it for all that it is. The song says everything I couldn't say to my family and friends in that grief-stricken state; I hope it can serve as a reminder that we all deserve to be cherished through our hardships, even when we are at our most difficult to love.”

Check it out below:

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