Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glide Review- Cymbals Eat Guitars Live

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Cymbals Eat Guitars/Holly Miranda/Delorean Live during CMJ.

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OK This CMJ other way around it.  I couldn't believe the lineup's that were being vomited forth from promoters this season.  I caught this show solo because it was Friday and I wanted to see some live music, I also thought Cymbals Eat Guitars had potential.  They have more then that, they are solid, hear for yourself: 

Real rock playing, fun passionate vocals and tricky parts that catch the ear, but holy jumping juniper bush  Batman, could there have been a lamer crowd!?!?

Maybe I am getting old but these hipsters didn't seem to be there to have ANY fun.  Granted there were obviously some people working, NYTimes review of the show is here, but isn't the purpose of these things to FEEL IT?!?!   I don't care whose footing the bill to get in, enjoy yourself, it's only rock and roll...Usually I tune any crowd out but this one took the cake.  Standing like Zombies, complaining about beer prices, chit chatting loud nonsense...I was pissed and ended up leaving before Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, sorry fella but I couldn't hack it the tedious surroundings, I need to liven up with my friends and some cocktails...which went swimmingly by the way, thanks Mike. 

The review gave my true feelings about Holly Miranda in the live setting...Not for me, I am sure she will sound better on record, but this was rough going no matter who hypes her.

Delorean was a pleasent surprise, their myspace tunes are kinda weak, but these two live videos are a good representation, I wouldn't mind seeing them open for someone again:

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