Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glide Review - Elliott Brood Mountain Meadows

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New Review over at Glide.

Elliott Brood, Mountain Meadows.

Check it here!

A few more thoughts, tunes, and a history lesson after the jump.

This album just felt lacking, as if it didn't know if it wanted to be folk or rock and ended up getting pulled between two worlds and not really satisfying either.

Elliott Brood can certainly play, and obviously Canadians love them, but just what the SamCro they were saying about a controversial Mormon Massacre was beyond me.  I feel like this was more "Inspired By" like "read a book..." or "caught a documentary on..." as opposed to any of the members being actually moved by the events.  I never heard of the tragedy (Thanks East Coast Public School History!) until I got this album, so I am in no position to say what did or didn't happen, but the church's own take is tragically enlightening

Anyway feel free to do some more research at your local library, or check out some of the fella's tunes:
 My favorite Song from the Album and I dig the video (oh and it was just released in the US last month):
And an album version, not much of a video...
Your Thoughts?

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