Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Pixies Live 11-24-09 Pics and Video

Caught the Pixies live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC a few nights before Thanksgiving with Jeff, Mike and Lopez.  It was a tight show, they took the stage after a 7 minute movie at exactly 9:07 and left the stage at 10:30.  Held within that hour and half however was some tight as hell art/punk/rock.  The band is touring for the 20th anniversary of Doolittle (A top 30 all time album in my book) and played it in it's entirety.  While that was exciting, they also dipped into B-sides released off of the Singles of Doolittle, a cool twist on "we are going to play our best album in order" shows that have been going around lately (Built to Spill, Sonic Youth caught both tours and the shows were great by the way).
Here are some Pics from the show, and a video of one of their best tunes, "Hey" that I took (After the Jump). A full review will be posted on Glide today or tomorrow.  Our tickets were for the first Mezz at Hammerstein, it was my first time up there for a show after seeing about 20 on the floor.  While we couldn't see the video screens, I think I may like it better, easy in and out, your got your own bar (even if our tender was slower then a turtle riding a snail), not as jam packed as the floor, maybe I am just getting this fantastic crew:

The top of the Mezz blocks a bit, but the sound is perfect, Enjoy and as "JayPorks" says on Youtube, the show was awesome indeed:

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