Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Year in Review 2009- Top 10 Albums Part 1

In retrospect this year produced some killer music and a few really great full length offerings.  Lots of established artists and virgins newbies put out valiant efforts, so like everyone and their grandmother I came up with a Top Ten List from the past 12 months.  No live albums, box-sets or re-releases were harmed, or even considered for this list, Feel free to voice your opinions vigorously.
 A lot of these albums I have already reviewed for Glide or other sites, so when that is the case I will link to my full review and try to say something else about the album here, because over the course of the year feelings can/do change on things.   

(One small note, I am noticing no Hip-Hop on this list, and while over the last few years I have been much more “rock” focused, I don’t ignore the genre, but I am certainly not an expert.  Jay-Z’s new one didn’t impress and unfortunately I have not given Raekwon’s album a listen yet (my bad), and I am sure I am missing other releases…oh well, feel free to direct me to any winners)

Today we will hit on some just misses and a few disappointments, and get to the Top Ten in good time…all in good time me droogies. Read On
All these albums are great and worth a listen and would be in my top 18 or so if I expanded it out, but I didn’t... so suck it.   These just miss the primo spots; all are obviously worth checking out, in No Particular Order:

Neko Case –Middle Cyclone
Not usually my style, but a solid album from an obvious talent. 

Akron/Family- Set’em Wild Set’em Free
A cool mix of styles that caught the ear this summer and stuck around into the fall, and the best album cover of the year.
(Full Review Here)

 Japandroid- Post- Nothing
A few of the best songs of the year (including the one below) hold this full length afloat above the masses.
(Full Review Here)

Levon Helm - Electric Dirt
An excellent effort from an old warhorse, the cover of "Tennessee Jed" is a peach and my Band loves knows no bounds, just ask anyone I drunkenly force to watch The Last Waltz every late night hangout in my apartment...

The Megaphonic Thrift – A Thousand Years of Destruction EP
Promising first effort from these Norwegian shoegaze rockers, hell, what can I say I love the Sonic’s and the sound-alike’s who do it well.  I got a feeling i am going to be pimping these guys big time in the years to come 
(Full Review Here)

Slayer- World Painted Blood
A return to thrashy goodness for the heavy god’s of THE METAL!

Cymbals Eat Guitars – Why There Are Mountains
An intriguing effort that I really like but haven’t spent a ton of time with, very stout song base though.

Girls – Album
This one just missed the list (It was on off on off) so consider this one #11, I really enjoy the tunes, but have a hard time with Christopher’s voice on different tracks, lots of promise contained here though.
(Full Review Here)

I had real high hopes for these albums, but they didn’t deliver everything I thought they would/should/could:
Pearl Jam – Backspacer
Not a particularly bad album, just one that barely stayed with me at all, the band may be happy, but they seem to be better when they are pissed. In retrospect I think I was too kind with the stars and review, would probably knock one off now.
(Full Review Here)

Flaming Lips- Embryonic  
This album is out there, and I love experimental, just didn’t get into this one yet, maybe in 2 years I will look back and be pissed at myself for saying this, but for now Embryonic doesn’t work for me. 
(Full Review Here)

Secret Machines – Self Titled
It is shocking how much I loved their first two albums (especially the first) but this is just a pale shell of their former selves, I hope they get it together on the next effort.
(Full Review Here)

Brandan Benson-  My Old Familiar Friend
Woof, love him in the Raconteurs, don’t think I like him one weak lick as a solo artist.  Although “Alternative to Love” is a killer song, here he comes off as a complete pussy.
(Full Review Here)

10-6 tomorrow....Stay tuned.

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