Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Billy Club Sandwich - Live 6-12-10 Santos Party House NYC - Pics and Video

This blog seems to be a bit hippy heavy lately with all the Monday Dead posts, so lets get Hardcore.  Hardcore Metal and Hip Hop are the fires where my fragile musical mind was formed, and I do love dipping back into the heat especially for some good friends, and Billy Club Sandwich are just that.
I have been friends with the group since 1995 and while I haven't attended a ton of shows lately I always love to see Glen, Martin, Havana and Muttley.  Hopefully I will be doing some more stuff with the NYHC stalwarts on future shows and releases, but until then go buy an album over at Dead City and enjoy some videos and pictures I took from from Saturday's Show @ Santos.
"Chin Music"

Metal and stink Eye Indeed Phil and Don...
oh and if you were wondering I didn't stick around for Underdog, it had been a long soccer day. 

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