Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Grateful Dead - 3-28-1969

Actually will be spending the morning listening to the amazing danah boyd speak on youth and social media, so it will be a fun and productive Monday AM. 
(CD cover art found here on Flickr)
But I won't leave without a show, and today we dip back into 1969 for some magic with 2-18-1969 which found the Dead Playing Modesto College in CA.  Listen to it by clicking on the date, or listen to the full show right c'here:

This show's a fun one and since youth was the topic of the speech I heard today, how about we hit up a ripping "Good Morning Little School Girl" to start things off.  The band was all ready playing when the tapes were rolling, but that doesn't kill the vibe at all. There are a couple of recordings on the Archive, but I think this version is the best.

Pigpen starts off super loud during "School Girl", but by the "Dark Star" the levels work out nicely, and holymoley it's just in time as this is a fun sonic adventure.  The cosmic crusaders where all over the map of deepest darkest space here with Captain Trips leading the way.
Some of the early "Dark Stars" are quick jaunts, but '69 showed the band slowing down and exploring the outer reaches with the tune and this is an excellent psychedelic version.

I am a bit short on time, so I will just point out some of the other highlights.  "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is a beast, as is "The Eleven" some great singing in the first and playing in the second.  Garcia is really the MVP here.  I am not a fan of the super long "Lovelight" but otherwise this is a great slice of Grateful Dead entering their 60's prime during the last year of the decade, enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts.

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