Thursday, September 2, 2010

Free Album Download - Big Gigantic - A Place Behind The Moon

Thanks to a heads up from Scott and the boys over at Hidden Track, I download a new "Livetronica" album from the duo Big Gigantic called A Place Behind The Moon and you can too...

 you can also pay to download some bonus track the fellas created with the STS9 crew

I will be honest, usually this stuff isn't my cup of orange juice but this release is smooth, engaging and inventive.  The horn really helps things along producing a space aged jazz world that a guitar wouldn't be capable of.  Maybe it is just the mood I am currently in but as the disk plays now the sax-keys-drums mix combined with the computer produced soundscape-thingie-ma-bobs produce a pretty A-Ok vibe on this Thursday.  Some highlights after first listen were "Limelight" and "High and Rising", give it a peep if you dig this sorta stuff, or want to try something new.

Here are a couple vids of them in the live setting:

Aces Lounge

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