Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stormy Monday Post

Just wanted to direct people to Dan Alford's  recent post over on Hidden Track.

Dan does the Stormy Monday downloads and he does a dam good job with them, but this week he tackled the first years of the Phil Lesh Qunitet and it is worth reading and listening to.  As I mentioned before, the PLQ is my favorite post Jerry music ever created in regards to the original songs/group.  Combing searing southern flavored guitars, excellent vocals and an uptempo energy the group had it all.
He offers two sets for you to download and listen to but there are also a bunch of them at the archive.  One of my favorites was the first time I caught this combination of players live, 10-13-00.  It was a rollicking Friday night and when the group went into Terrapin Station out of SlipKnot! the Beacon exploded.  So you can give that one a listen too...

OK I will be taking a mini vacation, so catch up with you all on the flipside...All the best.

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