Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glide Review - Frank Zappa DVD - The Torture Never Stops

Got a new review up on Glide.

Go read it C'here!!

It is of Frank Zappa's newest DVD release The Torture Never Stops.

Zappa is a strange artist in anyone's book, but I will explain my feelings on him.  Unlike most acts that I would say I "like" I never need to hear Zappa for years at a time.  Then I will find myself, listening only to him for about 2 weeks solid.  Perhaps it is because of the tangled web of a world he created (placing himself firmly in the center) but it seems like there are times when I don't need to mess with him and limited others when I can't enough.  Not sure why or if others feel the same way.

Any-which-way, I own Baby Snakes but this new DVD is a nice addition to the collection as it is a solid show of crazy segues and top notch playing, no crazy 45 minute forays into stop motion clay-mation. If it weren't for the stupid fucking pyscho edit that shows up from time to time there would be few negatives to bring about this one.  I do feel it does a neat trick of being accessible for new fans and appeasing old die-hards too which is much harder then it sounds.

Coincidentally Zappa would have been 70 years old today...so happy whatever goatee'd one, Here are some clips...enjoy:

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