Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Funday - Best MC's of All-Time?

A few weeks ago my friend Steve decided to put together a pretty thorough blog post regarding his list of the best MC's of All Time.  You can read it right c'here...go ahead I will wait. 

I noticed Young MC wasn't on the list so I wanted to give him some love...In all seriousness though I LOVE that song (its in the Holy Trinity) but Young MC probably wasn't close to Steve's best of list (A Shame Really).
 After reading Steve's list I find it hard to argue with any of his choices.  His "almost made" section at the bottom covers most of the people that sprung to mind who weren't on his top 16.  I would personally make some small changes....

I would remove Common and put Eminem on the list of top 16, because while I don't particularly care for him it is hard to argue he is pretty ridiculous with his style and importance in the world of hip-hop.  I think this is a fantastic hip-hop tune and his best:
I would move up the list KRS-One and Jay-Z probably sliding down the likes of Posdnuous (who I personally love) and Tupac (who I personally do not love).
A few people who I would throw on the "just missed" side of things would be Eric Sermon, Parrish Smith Redman, and Slick Rick.  The one person omitted that I want to bring up (and I know he discusses him in Andre's blurb) is Big Boi.  While I agree most of Outkast's recent offerings have been dud's Big Boi has been surprisingly solid and when you go back to the groups heyday an argument can be made to his greatness and certainly equal status with Andre3000. 

Anyway, lists were made for arguing, so feel free to comment, jeer or congratulate.  Enjoy yer weekend. 

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