Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drum Nerds Unite! Claypool Carey Copeland and Pert are in the house.

From Scott over at Hidden Track comes this little gem about CCCP a new super drummers and lone bass group that has come together to pummel and get funky...check it out:

Personally I really dig and was surprised by the brass flourishes.  (Could do without the counting though...pretty annoying)

Les Claypool mans the bass while the drumming crew will make any percussionist drool with Danny Carey from Tool, Stewart Copeland from The Police and Neal Pert from Rush

Some where a drum geek's head just exploded...

Knowing that all of them have worked with Claypool in the past I would not be surprised to see an album in their future...but with Primus just putting out Green Naugahyde and about to tour I wouldn't hold my breath...but stay tuned. 

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