Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Funday - Funky Lucille Ball?!? Who knew?!?

Thanks to Bob Kosovsky's great blog post over at NYPL regarding Lucille Ball earlier this week I was turned on to some bizarre disco/funky stuff...
Turns out someone made the "I Love Lucy" theme into a funky disco throwdown...Granted this is before my time and I must confess I never really watched the show, but this re-imaging of the theme song was just too weird not to share...
There is a cool "chicky-wah-wah" break at 2 minutes that makes the song get groovier then all get up and worth checking out.  The video itself (or whiteboy7931 who posted it I should say) types up some facts regarding the song (in a very annoying way), such as billboard placement and that Trevor Lawrence played Woodstock and did a few tours with The Rolling Stones.  Informative and funky, get in there and shake it down on this Friday.

Thanks Bob...Thanks err...Whiteboy7931,  Enjoy your weekend all!

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