Thursday, September 8, 2011

Band of Horses Get Grungy on Conan

So I was just about to drift off into slumber land last night when I noticed Band of Horses were about to play a song on Conan.  I have been on such a BOH kick since Jeff and I saw them at Hammerstein early last month, I haven't gone a few days without listening to one of their albums, so I was excited to catch this Late Night Showing.  They played "Infinite Arms" peep it:

Wow...digging the homeless look on national TV, but loving the rough edged sound that they pulled off here even more!  During the Hammerstein show I commented that if this band got a little scuzzy musically to go along with the blissfully amazing vocals they would be sensational.  Hearing and seeing them amp up the distortion in the guitars and take an overall tougher tone throughout before that bombastic ending to this song made me sit up (literally) from the couch and clap.

I can not wait for their new album and hope they keep this grittier edge and add it to their growing sound as a band.

Slightly off topic, I actually flipped over during a commercial of a very funny Seinfeld episode, "The Outing".  I am glad to see this received a GLAAD Media Award (sorry for the lame wordplay) as I was wondering while watching it what the GLBT community thought of it at the time when it came out.  The phrase has entered society now so it is a bit dated but this was back in the early 90's and dealt with the subject in a proper and funny manner.

When we were out in the Hamptons during July 4th my friend Vig asked a group of us what we thought the funniest TV show of all time was, while I thought it about it for a minute I had to say Seinfeld.  There hasn't been another show that I could watch the same episode 30-40 times and still find it amazingly laughable.  I might get there some day with The Venture Bros and Frisky Dingo is flat out Boosh, but neither can really match up to Seinfeld's longevity, creativity and attitude towards a full network audience.

Just so you know, other answers people had to this question were: The Honeymooners and Cheers, they may have been others, but I can't remember off hand...not that there is anything wrong with that.  

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