Friday, September 16, 2011

Oyster Fest, Guinness and a Free Hold Steady Show!

Tomorrow is going to be a rocking even more then most Saturdays do and the focus will be waaaay downtown in Manhattan. 

Ulysses is not only an amazing (and frustrating) James Joyce novel, it is also a Folk House on Stone Street and it will be the site of an all out consumption fest on Saturday.   Bivalves will be everywhere as they throw their 8th annual Oyster Fest in the streets that used to be covered in shells. 
I have proclaimed my love for those tasty critters before and love the pairing of a great Guinness with them so I am heartily looking forward to this event...The bands playing should be fun, Milo Z is an NYC staple, and Celtic Cross play traditional Irish tunes and are familiar with the bar,
but I am not sure how long I will last there because...
I may be even more excited to catch one of my favorite bands play later that evening only a few blocks away.  The Hold Steady will be playing a Concert Confidential show with all proceeds of VIP tickets going to VH1's Save the Music Foundation

The show is going to be at one of the coolest summer venues in the city, the Beekman Beer Garden.  We hung out there earlier this summer after the 4 Knots Festival and dug the place...dipping our feet in the sand as we looked out over the East River and one of us maybe even pissed in it (but that's another story).  I can not wait to hear the fellas pull off their sound and rock out under the stars, this is going to be a hell of a show...

What a great song...

Hope you RSVP'ed and will make there as well, if not enjoy anything else you may be doing, time to do what you want is precious, squeeze it tight.

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