Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Album Review- Diego's Umbrella -Proper Cowboy

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Got a new review up on Glide

You can read it right c'here!!!

It is of Diego's Umbrella newest release Proper Cowboy.

I won't rehash what I said in the review but I do want to point out that I mention "pop" and "commercial" a few times when discussing the album.  I don't mean that in a negative way, not at all, I was just expecting something a bit different as everyone compared these guys to Gogol Bordello, which isn't really accurate IMO, at least not from Proper Cowboy.  There is a clean produced vibe to the album that makes it easily listenable, not a trait I would give to any of GB's releases.   

I think the more accessible versions of Sublime would be better as their is a distinct west coast vibe that emanates from this disk, just like it used to off of the Long Beach Bands albums.  Anyway, check it out for yourself support the artist, catch them on tour, and peep some samples below.   

Oh and one more thing, check out the art of Kelsey Brookes whose work the band used for it's album.  It is truly amazing.  So far it is running away with album art of the year.
"Thrash Mexican Budapest"

"Moneymaker" Live

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