Thursday, October 18, 2012

Album Review- Hidden Pictures -Rainbow Records

Hidden Pictures
Rainbow Records
***out of *****

This Kansas City based outfit has crafted a sweet mix of pop hooks and lyrics that will make you smirk into a tight package they are calling Rainbow Records.  Albums like these have a distinct sense of song-craft and this one also contains a loose theme; the decline of the record business.  While possibly a depressing idea, the group can't help but make uplifting short tunes to get their point across.      

Opening with the breezy pop of "Calling Christine" Hidden Pictures manage to pack a bunch of changes into the 2:22 track.  "Evil Kangaroo" contains some cool lyrics about a broken love affair but even when singing about failed love or the upcoming lonely winter ("Say Hello To Darkuary") they can't help but sound positive.  The charm of this innocence reaches a high high point in the middle of the album with "Boyfriend A.D.D" which sounds like it was scribbled on the inside of a high school locker and the title track which is an ode to 80's icons calling out Axl Rose and NKOTB by name.

There is a New Pornographers-esque indie-pop likeness to the group possibly because of the male/female vocals of Richard Gintowt and Michelle Sanders, but the overall talent of all players involved is noticeable from the first bright note to the last. 

The disk is arraigned like an LP and the second side of things isn't as successful as the first with no real standout tracks.  "It's Just Me (and I'm Sorry)" has some on point lyrics and "You Don't Have to Do That" has some energy but the downside with this kind of song writing is that it isn't really designed to stick to the roof of your mouth; you have your fun in the time it is here and you move on smiling.      
This is a pretty, sweet, almost innocent sounding album from KC's Hidden Pictures.  You can support the group here and check out some samples below. 
"Solo Record Shop"

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