Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Flaming Lips in 2013

While the band wraps up it's second sold out night in NYC we got some news on them. So thanks to The Future Heart, it looks like The Flaming Lips are not done putting out new music in 2013. All the info can be gleamed here.

They are partnering with Tame Impala to put out an EP and also putting out an EP called Peace Sword before the calendar turns.
There partnership with Tame Impala should yield fruitful results (we enjoyed Lonerism a bit), here is a cool video (if taken the wrong way) from TFH of the band recording:

Seems like the fellows are really active which is great, The Lips and a sci-fi epic like Enders Game seems like a pretty good match. That said we actually thought The Terror was horrific, so we will wait and see but even in their failings the Lips are always interesting.

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