Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Primus to play Wonka Inspired NYE Show

With Halloween here, the New Years Eve Show announcements are in full swing as tickets are being bought, plans are being made and rocking into the new year is not that far off on the horizon. While there are some intriguing local things we may or may not partake in, so far our to our eyes the best looking gig will take place on the left coast.

RtBE fav's Primus will be playing a show in Oakland's Fox Theater, and this isn't just any old gig for the band, they are bringing back Herb for this one and that is GREAT news. Also coming along for the tripped out ride will be some sort of Frog Brigade reunion and all of this will have a Willy Wonka inspired theme. Jesus kids are going to be losing their trippin' minds out there. 
A quick side note, dressing as Wonka was one of the finalists for Halloween Costumes this year...we will be dressing up tomorrow....but back to NYE. I don't think we will make that one, but we are hoping for some good live audio, and maybe some visuals to trickle back our way come the new year. Here is some live old Primus with Herb, some live Frogs, and some Wonka, cause Why not?
Primus "Tommy The Cat" and "Sgt. Baker" Love Les's Steal Your Face Shirt...

Col Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade (Herb on drums here too) "Thela Hun Ginjeet" King Crimson Cover:

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