Thursday, December 26, 2013

Album Review: Action Bronson -Blue Chips 2

Action Bronson & Party Supplies
Blue Chips 2
***and1/2 out of *****
The Queens based MC Action Bronson comes back correct with Blue Chips 2 the sequel to his mix tape that brought him national attention a year ago. Once again Bronson pairs with Producer Party Supplies to bring the tag team action back into the ring. He has had a host of offerings in between but this mix tape goes back to quick songs as his humorous rhymes that are laced with drug drops, sex rhymes, recipes, and dexterous wordplay all over scattered beats that can sound ripped right off line.

His samples are more full songs with minimal changes, energetic and bringing smiles as The Champs famous "Tequila" overrides everything (including Bronson himself) on "Pepe Lopez" or Tracy Chapman's "One More Reason" becomes the whole "Amadu Diablo" but what the hell is with the TGIF commercial that is just tacked onto the end of "It Concerns Me"? Then again the horn laced "Practice" does have Allen "The Answer" Iverson's classic post game news conference riding with it while "Through The Eyes Of A G" made me remember how much I love the Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" as guest Ab-Soul gives the verbal tribute.

Party Supplies production is overall sloppy and scattered, volumes levels seem to jump around, spoken word samples cut in and out and beats are mostly sterile behind the horns or popular Phil Collins, John Cougar tune; "Contemporary Man" is something to hear. That style doesn't necessarily distract though as both Bronson and Supplies seem legitimately energized when the rhyming commences.    

This is a digital mix tape that reminds of the old school lo-fi analog mixes that were recorded off the radio and then rhymed over. The tossed off, fun feeling comes through on "9.24.13" where Bronson's outtakes are left in as the beats just flow along. Practices like this make Blue Chips 2 oddly endearing and Bronson remains an exciting voice in hip-hop, still vocally (in tone at least) reminding of Ghost Face Killa while forging his own bizarre trail.
It is weird but Action Bronson is the one MC we keep looking forward too. Our favorite offering from him is still The Alchemist pairing on Rare Chandeliers but this is a fun listen. Nothing sticks around long, but the Bronson/Supplies team seem to have a good handle on the digital age and this 50+ minute tape breezes by in a good way.

Support the artist here, Download the mix-tape for free here and peep some video below:

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