Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Album Review: The Low Willows- The Low Willows EP

The Low Willows
**and 1/2 out of *****
This 5 piece retro-rocking outfit from Madrid, Spain have an ethereal spooky sound that conjures up lonely roads in the American west. Their simple and distinct style plays direct, coated like a lost highway with dense rhythms and ringing guitars.

There is an upbeat catchiness to "Big Black Evil"  with darkness lurking under the covers before "Kansas" struts a sexy vibe. The twang fueled instrumental "Charly Muchacho" amps the Mexican surf vibe while "World We Lost" plays the most mainstream of the bunch in a positive way. Ghosts seem to be swirling around the "Mountain of God" and their take on "Wayfaring Stranger" trots effortlessly on the back of a six-string shimmering horse into the sunset. 

The groups English as a second language only distracts minimally in the lyrics as the smokey vocal performance relays the theme even if the words or delivery can be slurred. The Low Willows are worth playing loud and rolling down the windows while drivin' to no place special. 
A fun group who we stumbled upon earlier this month in our Dylan Cover Series. You can grab the full album here at their bandcamp page, download or stream. Peep some video below:

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