Thursday, October 2, 2014

Album Review: Chris King & The Gutterballs- Hiding Out

Chris King & The Gutterballs
Hiding Out
**and1/2 out of *****

A trio from Seattle, WA, Chris King & The Gutterballs have put together a cassette with a streaming chaser for their debut titled Hiding Out. The band moves between garage rock and lo-fi soul over the 6 short tracks and show bubbling talent.

The tunes tend to warble around the same vicinity as "Letter At The Station" starts things with muted guitar rock before "Said I'm Through" moves things more towards the low end. Both are fine if not truly memorable but things pick up immensely on the tapes third track "Montana Quinn". The song spreads out close to six minutes before reigns itself, feeling as it could travel even longer in a wonderfully shaggy soul style; an album highlight.

A shorter but almost as successful  "Serpent Man" has a kick-drum drive that backs King's developing vocals. His singing contains a level of aloofness but also desire that is a cool combo. The waltzing continues with the "Hidin' Out Blues" as the echo and temp changes move back and fourth (not always successfully) before the quick "Garden of Shame" ends things on a solid classic rock inspired note.    

The ramshackle quality posses a charm as the songs worm into the ear via wooly production and heartfelt playing. Just straight ahead tunes that all waltz to their own slightly fuzzy time are found on Chris King & The Gutterballs first release.
Another random bandcamp find that we really enjoyed.

Support the band here, buy/stream the cassette here or below:  

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