Thursday, October 9, 2014

Album Review: Little Hurricane Gold Fever

Little Hurricane
Gold Fever
**and1/2 out of *****

The Sand Diego based duo Little Hurricane have put out their second album of original material as the band showcases its poppy, blues influenced, sound. Guitarist Anthony Catalano and drummer Celeste Spina may want to be considered "dirty" but there is a fine polished sheen covering everything on Gold Fever.

The disk begins with the best track here the sleek groove driven "Summer Air" that showcases a greasy side to things but immediately a brighter light shines on the short choppy "Upside Down". All of these tracks float in and out, not sticking around long like the indie rock influenced "Sheep in Wolves Clothing" or the E-Street Band sounding "Boiling Water".

The group is casting a net out for various sounds and paying homage to lots of their influences but by doing this the album can become disjointed at times, such as on "Breathe" a complete outlier of an acoustic duet fueled by a squeezebox. 

The easiest influence to pick out and see in Little Hurricane's palying would be a cleaner version of The Black Keys, which is readily apparent on "No Man's Land" and "Con Man". Both try to scruff it up but Little Hurricane come off as too cinematic and proper. The tracks aren't to be skipped but they really aren't to be remembered either.

The perfect example of this is the title track. An excellent sounding riff opens things before both Catalano and Spina take turns at lead vocals literally telling a story with no room for wonder. Things are mapped out and direct unfortunately losing steam; this track and others on Gold Fever would fit well in movies but aren't as alive and messy as life is.
We obviously dig this style and this isn't a bad record by any stretch but it just didn't really speak to us that much. We dig say the Graveyard Lovers more in this sort of style...maybe its an east coast v west coast thing.

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  1. A few of our portable pods customers at the self storage speak highly of Little Hurricane. I first heard them in Vevo and ever since it has been playing in a loop, amongst other titles, in my Spotify. I don’t mind catching them in a small and intimate concert in Australia, if ever they do drop by.