Thursday, July 2, 2015

Album Review: Mephiskapheles- Mephiskapheles

*** out of *****

When it it comes to the ska genre we don't have too many touchstones from our listening past, but the be all end all for RtBE has always been the NYC classic, God Bless Satan from Mephiskapheles. There are certain albums that will always be in the collection via all forms, vinyl, digital, CD and God Bless Satan has been there through thick and thin. It is with great joy that we find that the band is back together and writing new material, such as this recently released self titled album.

While not expecting it to approach one of our all time favorites this S/T album more then holds it own with crisp devilry horns, funky drums and feedback crunched guitars. Opening with the EP's best song "Satan Stole My Weed" the band continues its humorous romp through infectious horn hooks and shout along choruses.   

The old man get-off-my-porch of "Hell On Earth" bemoans reality TV as well as smart bombs and today's current horrors while a trumpet blare kicks off the upbeat dance heavy "Let Them Come". Things drag a bit during the sluggish "Snakes In The Garden" but the energy pops back up instantly for the ska-tastic "Friends Like You" before the disk closing "Any Fool".  

It is great to have one of the more interesting mid 90's NYC acts back in the saddle and creating fresh music again. Here's hoping Satan keeps inspiring these hell hounds.
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