Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Dead Weather Album, Dodge & Burn Coming in Sept

As big time fans of Jack White here at RtBE we are excited that one of his projects, The Dead Weather, will be releasing their new album in the Fall.
We have been getting some singles through Third Man Record's Vault program, but it is going to be great to consume the full album and we will get it on cool yellow and black vinyl, just like a Styrper Album...
Actually since the band is not touring behind this release, it would have been very nice to include a DVD in this package of one of their past shows, like the vault did for The Raconteurs and Jack White solo. Personally, we love DW and are looking forward to this release. Their dirty, funky rock and roll is catchy as hell and the new songs are in that vein.

Here are some old songs to get you ready for the black leather clad rockers newest in the fall:

Cover of West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band:

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