Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Is Dead May Never Die

While we know that Winter Is Coming, this post isn't actually about Game of Thrones but the quote fits one of the longest touring acts and our pick of best American Band ever, The Grateful Dead.
What Is Dead May Never Die
When the remaining members of the Dead announced "their last ever shows" to coincided with their 50th anniversary, I didn't care one bit, and this is from someone who spent a whole year of Monday's focusing on their shows on this here site. The main reason was because any/all incarnations of the band will never stop touring until all members are literally dead an even then I know, side projects, family members and fans will keep the vibe alive. 
Turns out those weren't the last shows after all and a variation of the Dead, (without Phil Lesh) will be touring again, as Dead & Company adding John Mayer to the fold and hitting Albany NY, the sight of one the bands (with Garcia) last great stands.

Glide has their list of dates up and if people are willing they can check them out. Us? We don't need to see any variation of their touring act when we can still revisit the real thing through the tapes audio/video. In fact lets listen to a tune now to start the day off proper:

Oh and it turns out George RR Martin is a Dead fan after all...
huh, that gives Damphair a whole new perspective...Hippy!

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