Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Album Review: Dead Ghosts- Love And Death And All The Rest

Dead Ghosts
Love And Death And All The Rest
**and1/2 out of *****

The four piece from Vancouver, Canada have a relaxed take on retro garage rock for their newest release Love And Death And All The Rest. While other bands put punk or soul twists on retro rock Dead Ghosts stick in the pop field, taking their time and letting their sound seep in.

The slow rolling "Another Love" kicks off things as the band lackadaisically comes out of the gate and the pretty "Upside Down continues that languid pace to things the band is rarely in a hurry here. "Rat Race" picks up the tempo, injecting some "Hey Hey Hey's" while the advice giving "Waste My Time" shakes things up injecting wah-wah and swirling guitar effects.

"Drink It Dry" plays with tempo on both sides of things sluggishy dripping then kicking things up. Besides pacing, the band seems to be extremely comfortable in these retro waters filled with jangles and organ fills. Guitar slashes and bass runs expertly color numbers like on the "Pretty Woman"
sounding "It's Up To You". While the album is clearly one trick of backwards looking rock and roll, the band plays that trick for all it's worth, while a full disk isn't world beating, it isn't meant to be. 

A track like "All In A Row" brings all the best of the band to the forefront, and sounding like it came right out a dusty 1965 record crate this is a good thing as the bass dances with warbling guitars all in front of distorted vocals. looking to scratch that retro pop itch? Dead Ghosts are up to the task.
Another great bandcamp find. Support the band, buy the album stream it below:


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