Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Album Review: The Megaphonic Thrift- Sun Stare Sound

The Megaphonic Thrift
Sun Stare Sound
*** out of *****

The noise rock northerners from Bergen, Norway most recent release is titled Sun Stare Sound as it swims in the noise/dream/pop realms. The four piece outfit scaled back some of the chaos of past releases and flow easily, if a bit restrained.

The opener "No Sleep, Only Dreams" eases into that dream pop vibe, but mixes things up with drums that never stay still creating a unsettling nightmare behind the dreams getting heavier throughout. "Interlopers" is the most single based as a dance laden beat bumps behind 80's rock clangs and breathy vocals that float above mixing female/male ah's/oh's.

"The Experimenter" is the centerpiece here running long and staying instrumental for a majority of the proceedings. Bass driven and bombastic it is a fun adventure but stays repetitive and never truly soars.

The drifting "Blistering Heat" has an easy vibe while "Bergen Revels" increases the pop rock while staying squiggling and digital with effects and guitar pedals. "If You Shiver (Overload)" is a disk highlight as the song slowly builds into it's parenthetical title as overloading definitely happens.

The band seems to be in it's groove moving more mellow and dreamy, but staying adventurous when it is needed. Sun Stare Sound...and dream.  
We have dug this band since they came on our radar and beyond. We caught them live their first time in the US. Support the group, buy the album, peep some video below:

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