Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Album Review: Sugar Fly- Sugar Fly EP

Sugar Fly
Sugar Fly
*** out of *****

The L.A. based Sugar Fly's self titled debut LP is a crisply produced exploration of hard rock and soul. The group came together during late night musical outings in the city of angels and the cinematic music fits the playbill while toying with different genres.

Starting out with power rocker "Heartbreak City", which is an obvious ode to their hometown, the players turn up the amps and wail. Immediately front woman Tia Simone dominates and puts her stamp on the close to the heart number. Simone is a dynamic presence who naturally takes over no matter what genre the band is pumping behind her.

"Blind" is the biggest winner from the outfit as the players riff in the way of big 70's heavy hard rock bands dropping in some funky accents on organ while Simone is allowed to take over the foreground with her impressive pipes.

The soul flows out with "Speak To Me" as the band digs into their Stax vinyl collections for inspiration before kicking into gear for an over driven ending. The sprinkling of funk and party rock gives "11 Steps" a get down vibe while "Dig" ends things back on that hard rock Jack Daniels tip.

The production is top notch but sterile, perhaps a bit more dirt and grime could add layers and intrigue to the tracks, but as it stands Sugar Fly is a confident and powerful first offering from a talented group from L.A.
A new group we were turned on to. Support the players, and peep some video below:

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