Thursday, March 2, 2017

Album Review: Loose Buttons - Sundays EP

Loose Buttons
Sundays EP
*** out of *****
The New York based four piece Loose Buttons just released their latest EP Sundays and it is instantly ear catching for numerous reasons.

The group (Eric Nizgretsky, Zack Kantor, Manny Silverstein, Adam Holtzberg) take a sunny indie pop vibe and give it twists of 80's new wave, shoegaze power, and hip swinging radio friendly English soul. The four tracks presented here all run fairly long for indie rock, pushing the five minute mark and usually run through a variety of those genres.

Opening with "Tales Of What I'm Used To" there is a bass led march that rumbles around shimmering guitars. The group has an instant touch point; they sound like a less punk/softer version of the Arctic Monkeys. While that musicality/song-writing is a good thing, lead singer Nizgretsky sounds so much like Alex Turner it oddly throws some songs out of context. "Between Brick Walls" is a clear example of this, sounding like an outtake from the Monkeys circa Suck It And See or a Last Shadows Puppet number.

All those similarities can be a plus or a minus depending on your point of view (we love the Monkeys/L.S.P's) but also can feel derivative. Loose Buttons stretch out their sound on the best song here, "Am I The Only Reason?". The track starts with ethereal vocals that swirl before melting into a pretty breakup number, however that is just the start as they musically turn up the aggression with a sonic assault and blistering closing rave up; a real winner of a track.

The final number is another powerful one with a focus on strong drumming as the band pushes onward and upward for "Milk & Roses". Sundays is a very intriguing release from these talented New Yorker's and certainly a group to keep an eye on.
Support the band, buy the album and peep some video below:

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