Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Album Review: DJ Mahdi Briggs - Nerd Bounce EP

DJ Mahdi Briggs
Nerd Bounce EP
*and/12 out of *****

(Jazzfest's second weekend starts tomorrow, and while RtBE feels it is the best festival in the country, New Orleans is more than tuba's and second lines. As the fest arrives we wanted to take some time to review smaller various bandcamp finds from the city, as the town just pulsates music culture and art.)

To quote the artist themselves: "Its a album of bounce". True, but that title is also important. Nerd Bounce finds more inspiration in it's video game console than it does in  booty shaking dance clubs. 

DJ Mahdi Briggs put together four short tracks of bounce music on his Nerd Bounce EP and uploaded it to bandcamp. While artists may very well take these and use them to rhyme over, the songs each are appealing on their own if you are in the mood for some bounce beats.

The dramatic "Spider Bounce" begins things as layers of digital beats fight for supremacy pushing higher and higher as the clapping bass rumbles underneath. The digital flute laden "Bounce Woods" feels anime injected around a brief chopping sample; the clear influence on all of these tracks is video game music, linking the short EP into a thematic cohesiveness. 

"Costa del Bounce" uses Latin flavored piano and digital keyboards with equal ease providing the most engaging effort here as the track has a warped Bossa nova feel while disk closer "Star Bounce" uses Mario Kart and other video games sounds to warp itself into a techno colored melange of sounds.

This lighthearted finale puts a fun stamp on the brief release from DJ Mahdi Briggs. It will be interesting to see if these beats transform elsewhere.     
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