Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Album Review: lojii - lo&behold

***and1/2 out of *****

The newest full length release from Philadelphia artist lojii starts off with a slow dripping track titled "patience" finding the MC breathing out the word softly and then talking about how he has no special secret to success other than just perseverance and hard work. This is the perfect introduction to lo&behold, a smooth flowing, easy going album that never raises up to heavy or sinks to low, just blissfully bumps along and showcases lojii with his various producers skills.

The title track injects a few skittering trap influenced beats but the foundation sound is soulful R&B through and through. Producer Swarvy arrives often using smooth sounds as Pink Siifu and Akeema Zane help out on vocals for "U callin' Me". "trippin' (i like it)" delivers a loose liquid beat that recalls De La Soul as does the excellent retro looking "brite kid" with tape looping production from Jacob Rochester.

The energy hits it's highest level for "uhoh(whereyoho?)" which finds lojii rhyming his fastest over heavy beats, but producer Swarvy still includes flute breaks and smooth lining making it work in the overall aesthetic of the full length. The retro soul of "each day (i pray for)" just keeps rolling along while Nikko Gray helps out on the sweet singing retro shout out jam.

The strong efforts keep coming with the slightly disjointed sounds from Alexander Spit supporting "longwayhome" which literally delivers the artist back with an uber ride recording before the vibes, smooth guitar, and chimes deliver late night soul for the excellent "over&over/round&round" via production from Absent Avery.

In a genre where the current style is brevity and ten cent production seems the norm, this full length album is a call back to more extended and groove filled times. lo&behold runs on like a babbling brook as lojii steers the ship down river, smoothly taking his time on the bliss filled journey.
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