Thursday, February 9, 2023

Happy 30th Anniversary to Dinosaur Jr's Where You Been

Today marks 30 years since the release of Dinosaur Jr's mid-career highpoint Where You Been

Dino Jr. are a long time RtBE favorite, we see them every year (at least once) and go back to all of their albums often. Back in 2016, I ranked all of the Dinosaur Jr. releases up until that point for Glide Magazine, you can check it out here, this was what was written regarding Where You Been.

2.         WHERE YOU BEEN (1993) Continuing with that sense of freedom Mascis keeps the great tunes rolling on this alternative classic. Here the choruses just state the facts as J sings in his slacker style and solidifies the tracks. “What Else Is New” is a theme song for this band while “I Ain’t Sayin’” soars through the cosmos to close. The two blinding standout tracks are the dynamic “Get Me” and the instantly catchy riffs of “Start Choppin”. The whole disk is full of top notch tracks and would top this list if not for…. 
1.         YOU’RE LIVING ALL OVER ME (1987)

As you can see, RtBE thinks VERY highly of this album, it is a guitar rock gemstone of an album. The band is planning some very special anniversary shows later this year which RtBE will be attending. 

Let's take some time to enjoy the album itself. There are so many classic tunes on it, you should listen to the whole thing, but here are three jams:

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