Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Live Review: Rough Seven - BJ's Lounge, New Orleans, LA 5/6/23

Rough Seven
BJ's Lounge, New Orleans, LA 5/6/23 

One of the most engaging, spill-your-soul-on-the-floor, New Orleans acts reunited for a run through of dirty, noisy, heartfelt, rock on a sweaty Saturday night in BJ's Bywater Lounge as the Rough Seven took flight once again. 

The band is led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ryan Scully as he deals with heartbreak, rage, mental anguish and society as a whole around swelling crescendos and blast outs of brass, bass, guitar, keys and drums, as the group lock in around the vocals. Opening with a newer tune titled "Orange Potatoes" the band got revved up building the tension as Stoo Odom pumped the bass and Mike Andrepont hit the kit. 

"Golden Parachute" amped up the guitars of Scully and Rob Cambre, along with Meschiya Lake's backing vocals while "Sugar Daddy" delivered a sexy slow groove to the packed house. The outfit caught it's breath, but only for a second, as keyboardist Ratty Scurvics began the classic "I Would Rather Go Blind" which was a barn burning showcase for Lake, as she belted out the tune with a raw power that was staggering; a clear set highlight. 

Not resting one bit, the band began the slow burn of "Meltdown" which was a guitar showcase for Cambre and Scully as they interwove allowing Cambre's adventurous noise flourishes to crash and land with precision. Things then took a sentimental turn with one of the Rough Seven's sweetest songs, "St. Anthony" before another garage rocker “Where’s My Phone” delivered a Them “Gloria” vibe, which utilized Rick Hukill's trombone to great effect. The extended effort dripped into "Preacher By Day" which slowly worked it's way into a noise rock blaze up, with chaos swirling around the packed house and small stage.  

The bands dynamite set wrapped up with their cover of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful", a song the group has made their own. Engaging the crowd to sing along, Scully and Lake sung with energetic, uplifting positivity while the band pushed and pulled with glorious fluidity and power. The climax was just that as Lake crowd surfed through the bar with everyone vibrating on another level as the Rough Seven reunion wrapped up, highlighting a Jazzfest weekend filled with them.  

The Rough Seven are one of RtBE's favorite bands of all-time. Support the band, and peep some video from the show below:

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